Buying and Renting Storage Containers

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The availability and versatility of cargo containers make them mainstays for commercial storage and even residential use. If you are planning to buy or rent storage containers, then you must consider three factors so you can choose the most cost-effective container to suit your needs.

1. What will you use it for?

Storage containersYour purpose for renting and buying storage containers will largely dictate the specific features that you will be looking for in your container. What started out as a transport commodity is now being used as portable storage, portable homes, portable offices and even modular medical clinics. Here are some basic container features and their significance to how containers will be used:

  • Free of toxic chemicals – This is particularly critical if a container will be used for human habitation such as in the case of portable homes and offices. Container floors are lined with wood that are heavily treated with potent chemicals to protect them from pest infestation while lead-based paints are used to protect the steel body of containers from damage from constant exposure to the open seas.
  • If you are going to use storage containers for human habitation, you should prioritize knowing if the container that you will buy has undergone treatments to remove the harmful chemicals. If not, make sure such treatments will be done before furnishing. For added security, some put coatings made of epoxy on the floors after treatment to “seal in” any toxic fumes that may be left. Theoretically, Epoxy acts like a vapor barrier that blocks chemical vapors from escaping into the immediate vicinity.
  • Insulation – Containers that will be used for residential/office purposes as well as for the storage of temperature sensitive items must be properly insulated. Heat pumps, air-conditioning units and heaters, as well as ventilation accomplish this for storage purposes. If a container will be used for human occupation, then lining the steel walls with insulating materials will be more cost-efficient than simply installing ventilation and air-conditioning units (the conductive steel body of containers makes them act as ovens in summer and freezers in the winter and installing temperature control units will require extensive power consumption).
  •  Security – If your house is in renovation and you decided to move-in temporarily with a relative or a friend, furniture and appliances can be stored for safe-keeping in storage containers. In this case, security is of top importance. Security options range from steel doors and locks to motion detectors that trigger sirens or lights. Some containers also come with additional lock boxes inside them as a last line of defense against theft. These theft proofing features are particularly important if storage will be on-site. There are some container companies that offer keeping your containers in their own secure compounds.

Used vs. brand-new – Basically, most containers used today by container companies are already utilized to some extent. When used to transport goods from other parts of the world, it is a common practice to leave behind containers in the destination because it is not cost-efficient to ship them back empty to the country of origin. Most companies rent or sell containers that are fully refurbished.

For this case, the wear and tear of the containers can be affected after repeated renting and leasing. As such, when buying, leasing or even just renting storage containers, your eye must be keen for cracking and dents in the metal structure as these affect the weather resistance and water proofing capacity of containers.

2. Transport, loading and unloading

Ground-level containers offer easy loading and unloading which is important for on-site storage. Some companies even deploy self-loading trucks that automatically load and unload ground-level cargo containers. For ground-level containers, surfaces where it will be deployed must be smooth, leveled and relatively firm.

If surface is a little softer than usual (such as a lawn), at least sufficient support must be provided on the four corners (containers are specifically designed to be self-supporting on its four corners). For other types of containers, make sure your container company provides cranes and fork-lift for easy loading and unloading. For long-range transport, ships, trains and even aircrafts can be employed.

3. Ease of access

Uncomplicated access will facilitate loading and unloading of cargo that will save time. Most containers come with double doors that provide easy access during loading and unloading of large cargo. For commercial storage of goods such as surplus merchandises, an industrial personnel door might be preferred. This personnel door is complete with locks and handles and sometimes overhead ledges.

Wooden doors can also be used especially for containers that will be used for residential purposes because wooden doors are more “homely” and cost less. Sliding and roll-up doors are good options for fairly large items like furniture and appliances.

January 30, 2015

5 Unconventional Uses for the Conventional Lanyard

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If you’re that kind of person who works or studies someplace where IDs and their badge lanyards are replaced every year, attends a lot of events, and/or just loves the look of lanyards and can’t help getting new ones, you have likely formed a collection of old lanyards. It seems like a waste to just throw them out. They’re thin, long, and tough. Those characteristics should account for something, right?

Well, have no fear! You can reuse your lanyards for practical applications in your home or office. Here are five suggestions for you.

1. Door or Window Stopper

Badge LanyardsIf you live or work in a very windy area, your window and/or door probably closes or opens even when you don’t want it to because the winds are sometimes too strong. To prevent this, you could braid a few lanyards together until they reach your desired length, nail one end to the wall, and hook the other end to your doorknob or window handle. Another method is to nail or glue a hook to the wall, stick one end of the lanyard to your door or window, and place the other end on the hook when you want to keep them in a certain position. If you don’t like random objects hanging off your walls, you could place a hook on the wall and hide the lanyards somewhere, like a cabinet. When the opportunity calls, just retrieve the lanyard and loop one end to the hook and the other to the doorknob or window handle.

2. Storage tags

If you’re like most people, you likely keep your old things in boxes and hide them at the top or bottom of your cabinet, or even in the attic. Badge lanyards have different designs, so they can be used as alternative or additional tags for actual written markers. Just let their ends jut out from the box to where they’re easily seen. These are especially useful if you want to retrieve a particular object but don’t want to go through the process of individually reading your storage box tags.

3. Storage Handles

Another benefit to lanyards is that these could be used as a sort of handle. Once you’ve identified the box you want to use, just pull on the lanyard that’s hanging out of it. If it’s placed securely inside the box, then the box will probably be pulled along with it. Alternatively, you could stick the lanyard to the top or side of the box so you won’t have to worry about it slipping off without the box.

4. Clothesline

Most people use their shower rod to dry clothes that are too sensitive for the dryer. This often means that they have to keep the shower curtain open, resulting in a very wet and messy bathroom.

Badge lanyards are long and thin. You could cut them up and sew several cut lanyards together to form a clothesline of your choice length. Then, tie either end or loop them unto hooks on the wall to put them up. You now have a place to hang those clothes that are too sensitive for the dryer. The great thing about this is it can be easily attached or detached from the wall as you see fit.

5. Accessory hanger.

In the same manner as the clothesline, you could cut up, sew together, and put up a line of lanyards and hang your accessories there. The best would be those that are long and/or could be looped, like belts, scarves, your present badge lanyards and IDs, and necklaces.

Hopefully, these suggestions would help you get your creative juices rolling. Maybe you could think of other ways to use those old badge lanyards.

January 23, 2015

Finding a good school near your Garden City real estate property

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After moving in to your new Garden City real estate home, there are a lot of things you now have to think about. As a parent, one of these things is in which school you are going to send your kids. Lucky for you, there are a lot of schools that are close to the residential area you can consider. Garden City is not only known as a town that loves history and art, it is also an extremely conducive environment to education.

Real estateThe percentage of high school graduates that proceed to college is at 95%, with foreign language classes being a requirement in the final year of high school as well. Finding a good school near your Garden City real estate property is an easy task thanks to the closeness of these schools to the community. The website of the local government will already provide you with the necessary numbers for you to call in your search for a good school.

Garden City’s public high school is the Garden City High School. It has been ranked as one of the best high schools in the US in 2011, where the graduation rate is at 99%. One of the things that this high school is famous for is its high achievement in athletics and its athletic teams. Popular athletes such as Carl Braun (player for the New York Knicks) are graduates of this school. Garden City’s lacrosse team has already been recognized as the second best high school team in the country in 2011. This would be a great place to send kids who like sports for them to be trained.

Another excellent school in the Garden City area, located near almost every Garden City real estate is the Waldorf School of Garden City. The school utilizes a dynamic academic program which help students to develop a discipline approach to learning. When it comes to the subject matter, the school’s high school program offers a solid curriculum for its learners.

For college, student regularly go on to institutions of their own choice. Constructed with a thought-ful and effective curriculum, as well as an inclusive athletic program that emphasize a healthy and holistic child development, these schools’ physical education and after-school sport program allow students to see themselves as strong, cooperative and disciplined individuals.

Another good school you could consider is the Homestead School of Garden City. Seeking to create an environment for learning which enables each of their students the opportunity to individually grow as well as a group member while striving to achieve the optimal level of academic and social success, Homestead’s curriculum is designed to make students think creatively starting at a young age.

All of these schools set up their own Code of Conduct, which makes sure that the school continues to be a positive and safe place to learn. Students are reminded of some of the important things they have to learn and not be afraid to tell, such as cases of bullying. However, there is not much worry in bullying when you are sending kids in a Garden City school, since the rules are strictly enforced.

At whatever educational level your child is, once you’ve moved into your new Garden City real estate home, it will be an important matter for you to find a suitable school. Garden City schools provide great environments conducive for learning.

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January 22, 2015

Things that a Motivational Speaker Needs to Consider

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When it comes to public speaking, one of the most common forms of the activity is that of motivational speaking. In this case, there are different ways to deliver a speech and it is possible for the public speaker to target varying audience types. The speaker just needs to have one main goal and that is to influence change.

motivational speakerIt may be a significant change in the way that a person sees a negative predicament or the kind of change that improves the acceptance rate of workers when it comes to new company policies. Regardless of the purpose, the important component here is changing from the negative to the positive.

Just like other public speakers, there are certain things that a person needs to consider if he is interested in becoming a motivational speaker. This job does not merely revolve on speaking. It does not merely focus on encouraging people to change. There is actually a lot of work that goes into one speech alone let a career of delivering them. The most important thing that these speakers should be capable of is the ability to share something very important with others.

The thing about valuable information is that when shared, these can easily affect a number of people in a positive manner. Aside from having reliable and relevant information, it is necessary for the motivational speaker to have adequate writing abilities. When preparing a speech, the tone should be lively. It should be brilliant but substantive.

If possible, he should also make it funny or entertaining at some areas. This is so that the speaker will be able to get the attention of audience members and retain it for the duration of the speech. Here, a shorter speech is usually better than a long one so it is best to keep things under an hour.

Differentiating one’s speech is another important thing to consider. People do not like hearing the same things over and over again. They will not come to see a particular speaker when they have heard a similar speech elsewhere. Chances are if people appear at a conference with motivational speakers, it means that they are still in the search for aid with whatever issues they have yet to resolve. Having a good speech is one thing. Having one which is different from the rest is an entirely different matter.

In the profession of public speaking, even the best speakers commit the mistake of presenting a speech when it is not yet ready. Given the distinct environment that the motivational speaker exists in, it is not okay for an unfinished or unpolished speech to be delivered. Whatever you say will affect the lives of those who hear it so it has to contain the best series words that you can think of. Something that can help with the editing process is the inclusion of other industry experts. These people can give a lot of beneficial criticism and suggestions that will make the speech truly extraordinary.

It is not enough for the motivational speaker to give a series of potential solutions to a problem being discussed. Since people are attending conferences to get the help that they need, the speaker should give them a concrete solution. This means that if he has not experienced their situation for himself, he should do ample research to know what the right course of action will be. He should be mindful of what will work and what will not work.

Before presenting the speech to a significant target audience, the motivational speaker should do several test runs so that he will have the opportunity to make the necessary tweaks along the way.

January 21, 2015

Custom Coins and the Significance They Bear

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Originally, challenge coins were designed as medallions to be presented by the leaders of military units to their group of elite soldiers. No one really knows how these custom coins came to be but out of the many stories that revolved around it, the most known tale of origin is traced back to the time of the First World War. Back then, it was believed that a lieutenant had coins minted with his flight squadron’s emblem and gave it to the members as a sign of brotherhood. Challenge coins then assumed such a name because members of the unit can “challenge” others to show their own coins.

The military grounds (the birthplace of the challenge coins) and the dedicated soldiers who started and continued the tradition were the ones who gave these coins their first purpose and significance. Since the beginning of this custom, these challenge coins have been presented to military members by their leaders as a symbol of their unit’s bond.

custom coinsWith the advent of more advanced technology, challenge coins now come in all shapes and sizes. You can even have these coins customized, from their metal styles and edge cuts to 3D designs and cutouts; you now have the liberty of having these custom coins represent your specific intent perfectly. But technology can only go as far as alter the physical aesthetics of the challenge coin. Over the course of time, it is not the design that defines the challenge coin but its significance.

In the military, the challenge coin is still synonymous with being acknowledged as a proud member of the unit. But as time passed by, the significance of the challenge coin became more than a medallion of recognition but also a token of appreciation. This means that in today’s context, these coins are not just presented by high-ranking officials of the military to strengthen the unity of their units, but also to acknowledge and appreciate the services and sacrifices made by each member. Special challenge coins are also being minted and presented by military leaders to serve as awards to soldiers who have exceeded expectations in their time of service.

As the utilization of the challenge coins grew more popular over time, everything they symbolize inside the military have reached the civilians. This means that today, these custom coins are not only used for military, but also for organizations and companies.

More and more organizations and companies are starting to see the potential of challenge coins as a means to solidify internal camaraderie as well as to praise exemplary performance. This practice of recognizing the contributions of employees led to higher productivity; after all, a simple acknowledgement can go a long way in encouraging staff to always do and be their best as members of the company. In addition to that, having custom coins minted for your team gives members a sense of belonging and helps them to genuinely recognize themselves with the organization’s corporate culture and core values.

So if you are a leader looking for new ways to effectively show your gratitude towards your members, take a leaf out of the military’s book and try the little old school tradition of giving out custom coins! It will be a great reminder of your appreciation to their loyalty as well as a perfect token to celebrate their achievements and important contributions to making the organization the best it can be. Remember, one small act of gratitude could change a person’s attitude towards life, and one small change in a person’s self-esteem could make a big difference in your group.

After all, small does not always mean insignificant, right?

January 21, 2015